formerly , i'd like to met someone.

someone who i love.

someone who i think of.

someone who were everything.

i miss the moment when we were together.

i want use to be together.

i thought we were still in love but we can't gone together.

can we both back together again ?



at that time , i were lonely , sad and cry.

i think of someone and i'd like to met someone so much.

but in this time, i so happy.

i happy in everything around me.

its make me smile & laugh again.

i happy to stay with my friend and happy to do anything what i love.

after , i saw the bad stories.

after , ' someone' leave me.

i learn how to stay alone.

that realy lonely but i pass it.

i ' ve never been seriovs with anything

and now , i 'd like to meet someone who will love me.

Just only one who understand me.